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“Bhavna’s last words become strength for Ajay, who lives to fulfill his promise of love.”
– Business Standard

“The real love story will pull you in the pool of emotions.”
– Jagran

“The Indian author has given reasons to believe that India has not only given good tech-heads but are delivering literary-moths too.”
– The Truth India

“The loving heart of a beautiful soul Bhavna, encouraged Ajay to fight back and start looking at life in a positive way.”
– India Café 24

“Very few books enable you to live an entire lifetime through another human’s eyes. This one does.”
– Keshav Aneel, Author of Promise Me a Million Times

“Bhavna was a great soul and I’m sure her words and positivity towards life will inspire a lot of hearts.”
– Vishal Anand, Author of Emotions Unplugged

“I always define love as combination of Trust, Care and Romance, and this book carries the perfect proportion of the trio.”
– Akansh Malik, Author of Love Heals Everything

“The perfect gift for your loved ones.”
– Karan Parmanandka, Author of The Monsoon Murders

“Bhavna’s beautiful nature and the author’s love for his wife will linger behind.”
– Purba Chakraborty, Author of Walking in the Street of Love and Destiny and The Hidden Letters

“This is a story that teaches us to prize the important yet simple things in our life.”
– Arka Chakrabarti, Author of The Secrets of the Dark and The Saga of Agni